Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fun and fast

This coming Sunday I will have all the relatives in driving distance here for dinner. From the 16 there are 8 with a birthday in the second part of February or the first part of March, so I was in need of a few presents. Since my fingers were sore from applique anyway,I decided to make a few quick projects. Since I have not done much fusing, I read Frieda Anderson's book " Fun and Fast Fusies" first. Then with a roll of Wonderunder, batiks and some left over dyed fabric I went to work. This was a big change for me. Instead of working on something for weeks or months it took only hours. The 2 small wallhangings are fused and then machine quilted. The only thing I did by hand is the back of the binding. A 3nd, slightly bigger one, has to be quilted yet. And at last I made a very small ,4 by 6 inches, postcard. I addressed it to myself and this morning I took it into a bigger town( not our own post office),and had it hand cancelled. My husband did not think that something so weird would be allowed, but the lady was very interested and did not ask any questions.Now we wait and see what will happen. I will take a picture once it has arrived "home" again. Add Image

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