Wednesday, February 22, 2006


On Saturday I had antoher workshop in Guelph. As has happened more this year the weather did not look good outside, but neither radio nor Internet showed any road closures in the area, so I set out.Once I was halfway I discovered that the barricades were up,going the other way, so officially the road was closed, but it was too late than. And....the road was fine, slippery but the visability was good . The students for the workshop were all from the area, so no problems there. Here Lida is hard at work on her small landscape. This is an easy pattern and is for all levels. It always amazes me to see the difference at the end of the day. Some use bright, summery colors, others go for the cool winter colors. Here is the group at the end of the day with their work. I think we all had a good time. 2 days ago I received the April Issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine. I knew that the Critter Quilt would be in it. Friends had let me know that they had seen it already, but because of bad weather we did not get our mail on Friday. But it was worth the wait. It gives me a good feeling to see something I made in a magazine of that calibre.

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