Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I was all ready to take some more pictures of finished projects, but my digital camera refuses to co-operate.This after I had it along to the guild meeting this afternoon and went right past the store. So it will mean an extra trip into town. So instead a close-up of part of a wallhanging that I made last year. A few years ago I got introduced to orchids on one of my trips to California. Here at home it was right in the middle of the winter and there orchids bloomed outside. For me it was incredible. Once home I received one as a gift and right now it is blooming for the third time. I'm up to 3 by now, since that is all the room I have in the "perfect" window, but they give me a lot of pleasure. The flowers are hand appliqued with some added embroidery. There were a lot of fiddly little pieces and I was glad when they were done. Stil trying out my machine quilting, but it is still not good enough to show here. Maybe next week I will have something to show, with pictures.


  1. Jean Niederer11:37 AM

    Marvellous orchid applique here, once again you excel! At the same time though, this leaves me a little discouraged as well. My hubby being an orchid lover/hobbyist (has nearly 100 orchids in our basement "nursery"), my second greatest quilting goal in life (after the one you heard me mention at Guild yesterday regarding yourself)was to one day design and make an orchid quilt to surprise him with. But if you found such "fiddly" and problematic I'm sure I'd never be able to do the theme justice so guess that's one dream down the drain.
    But not to whine, my main purpose of responding here was to compliment you on the orchid work and also tell you that should you ever have the inclination to do so,I know Gerhard would be delighted to have you stop by his "flower room" - just give a call ahead to be sure we're here (my number's in membership book, also in phone book). Right now is the flowering season for philenopsis and he has about a dozen of them currently blooming. Love to have you by anytime!
    Keep up the wonderful work - and blogging- you are such an inspiration to "newbies" like myself!

  2. These are so beautiful! So delicate and perfect, the fabric looks as if there are dew drops. Love the twisty stems and the way the black intensifies the colors!