Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chinese garden path

This small wall hanging was made for the mother of our son-in-law. It was funny how it all happened.Our son-in-law is from Chinese decent. Our daughter decided to wear a Chinese dress for the wedding reception last year. So...of to the Pacific Mall near Toronto with the couple and parents. We ended up in a very small dress makers store, where there were lots of dresses and fabrics to choose from. I could not understand what Helen and the lady in the store talked about, but out came a large bag of scraps. I was encouraged to take as much as I wanted. So, here I was, sitting on the floor in the middle of this small store, sorting through the scraps. Once home again I had to decide what to make. The book "Quilting with Japanese Fabric" by Kitty Pippen" was a good source forgetting ideas. Once I started working with the silk I found out, that it frays very easily. The pieces were first hand basted on a paper pattern and after that appliqued to the back ground. The red piece in the center is from our daughter's dress. I filled it up with some sashiko and quilted it on the machine. Then I gave it as a gift to Helen and discovered later, that I did not take a picture. Last Saturday we were invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the family, so I had the opportunity to finally take that picture. Still working on my cranes and I should have a few finished by next week.


  1. The wallhanging is really lovely.

  2. I love that! It is so elegant.