Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More of the same

A few weeks ago Jeanette, our daughter, asked if I could make some drawstring bags for health kits.She would buy the neccessary items, but she knew that she would not have the time to sew the bags. I bought 3 meters of a sturdy fabric and had enough to make 15 bags.Each bag will have a towel, bar of soap, toothbrush , toothpaste and a nail clipper.They will go to the Mennonite Central Committee and from there they will be distributed wherever there is a need. More information you can find at It did not take me very long to sew up the bags. 8 will be filled right away ,the rest we will put away for now What a week it has been. A big snow storm dumped over 20 inches of heavy snow over the week-end. We were lucky not to loose hydro for more than a few minutes. Wit the roads being closed, it was good to be inside, where it was warm. I worked on my applique and finished 2 cranes. Each is about 6 inches tall and has from 65 to 85 pieces. 6 more to go. I hope to have them all done by the end of March. It seems that if I set myself a goal I get things done. I use only 2 different fabrics for all the cranes. One is a variegated white with blue and brown marbled blotches, the other a black with dark grey batik. I have one meter of the white and I hope it will do all of the cranes.The beak is a orangy red and the legs I cut from a multi colored striped batik.

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