Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More cranes

Another crane finished. That is 9 done, 3 more to go. The next one is halve finished.One is a lot bigger. It is standing in water and I will have to come up with some reeds or other greenery to make it less "dull" I want to incorporate more sashiko, but I have not decided yet if that will be done before the quilting or will be part of the quilting itself. Last month Canada Post came out with a series of 4 stamps, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Ontario Horticultural Society. I'm a member of the local society. I thought it might be fun to make postcards of each stamp. The trillium was the first one. This flower is very familiar to me, as we have lots of them growing in our tree lot at the back of the farm.In another month they should be out in bloom. After I made the card, all done on the machine, I glued the stamp on and had it hand cancelled at the local post office

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  1. Wonderful crane! And lovely to get those stamps for your postcards.