Thursday, April 20, 2006

Busy,busy, busy

It has been a very busy week. On Friday Jeanette and her husband Tony, with cat and dog in tow, came for the week-end.Saturday morning we spend putting her second quilt together. Last year Jeanette was asked to be a bridesmaid for her friend Cindy's wedding. She decided to make a small quilt. This was her first try at paper piecing and she ended up with a queen size quilt. I helped her with putting the blocks together and it was machine quilted.I forgot to take a good picture before it left, but here Shawn and Jeanette are showing it to their grandmother. She decided that she wanted a quilt for herself and so she made 168 paper pieced blocks. Saturday was the day to put it all together. While she pinned, I sewed and Tony ripped the paper pieces,the quilt took shape. Early afternoon the center was finished. Now a 2 inch wide dark blue batik border and a 10 inch wide multi colored border and it will be ready for quilting. On Monday I gave a trunkshow at the Dufferin Quilter's guild and a lively group it was! We had a lot of fun and I will be back in the fall for some workshops. Yesterday was guild meeting and as usual there was a fabulous show-and-tell and a good speaker. Now I'm getting ready for a 31/2 hour drive to Windsor, where I will give 2 workshops on Friday and Saturday. Next will be clean-up outside and other yard work.

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  1. Renske....Jeannette should be proud...both are beautiful quilts. I've always wanted to make a kaleidescope quilt. Hmmm..... I'm feeling tugs to my traditional quilty roots!

    Cheers and enjoy spring! Sarah