Monday, March 07, 2011


I have been trying since last Thursday to upload these pictures, but no matter what I tried, it did not happen. Tonight I gave it one more try and oh wonders it worked. My catleya is blooming again.When I got it for mother's Day I was told, that it was hard to get to bloom again, so I did not have much hope. But this is the fourth time it has flowers and I love the scent. Not so Laurence, who cannot appreciate it. Last week I spend the first part in Peterborough, where I taught a 2 day workshop, Orchids in a pot. Then on Wednesday I gave a trunk show in the morning. All in all a very good experience. I had a great group to work with and my stay at Ruth's place was very enjoyable. I was back on the farm and could take a long walk out in the bush. Even the drive both ways was better then I expected. While I was there I got a call. My uncle, my only relative in Canada, for as long as I have been here, passed away on Sunday, at the age of 95.It was at my uncle and aunt's place, that I ended up ,when I emigrated to Canada. It were my cousins, who started me on my path to speak proper "Canadian" with lots of joking. Thursday was spend in Guelph for the visitation and funeral service. On Friday my friend Lois and I made it to the Horticulture Show in Stratford. Just what we needed, a whiff of things to come. On Saturday we picked up Shawn at the airport in Toronto. We drove down in the rain and came back in snow and in very poor driving conditions. He will start his new job this coming week. Things will be a little different here for the coming weeks. Emily is still out in Alberta and she will stay there till the house has been sold. Shawn will stay with us as long as necessary. But it is good to have him around. We have not seen too much of him these last few years. No wonder I did not get much done quilt wise. I did finish this small wall hanging a few weeks ago. The kimono I had on hand. I found a piece of matching dyed fabric and then finished with a strip of sashiko in a matching thread color. This is number 2 in what I hope will be a monthly series.Last fall I taught a 1/2 day workshop at the Grey County Museum and I had put the pattern and samples away. I did come across the bag and have put it together. The flowers are made with shaded wired ribbon. The leaves are fussy cut out of another leaf fabric. Simple, but fun to make.
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