Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3D flowers

Snow and more snow! Looking outside it is all white. Although not yet a blizzard, it is blowing snow across the window. And the coming days will stay cold we are told. This old oval frame I got from Laurence's aunt, but I had to promise her to fill it with something"nice" The year was 1994 and I had just started with my first appliqued, Baltimore Album style quilt. I had never used the wired ribbon and after looking through my first Elly Sienkiewicz book I found this block, perfect for trying out all the new techniques.The basket is made with ribbon. that had the wire taken out. The leaves have been hand appliqued after which I had sewn the roses on. By now it looks a little dated and I have a new idea for the frame. I also added 2 more small kimono quilts. Both have different sashiko at the side. The pink kimono is made with a vintage piece of silk and some of my hand dyed fabric. On the side are 2 small crest designs. The second one has a black background The fabric for this kimono was given to me by a workshop participant in Peterborough. She had seen my other samples and wanted to make one herself. The next day she came with 2 pieces of fabric, all sewn together, but the size was wrong and without a machine we could not make it work.She decided, that I should have a go with this fabric. I gave her the right dimentions and she went home with the promise to try again. I think that with these 4 samples I have enough. Looking outside you do not get the idea that it soon will be spring. Most years I have potted my begonias up by now and looked at my other bulbs. Most years I also run into problems with bulbs growing too fast here in the house. So this year I'm taking it slow. I did start some seeds, but they are very slow coming up. Now last evening I heard of a solution. It was the monthly meeting of our horticutural society and one of the members mentioned, that she starts her seeds in the oven with just the light on and the door open a few inches. Coming home I got my boxes of seed , put them on a tray and put them in the oven. They are not up yet, but I keep a close watch!
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