Friday, March 18, 2011

About boots and bogs

For as long as I have lived on the farm in Canada I had a pair of rubber boots. They never fit too well, were cold in the winter and did not look that good either. In Holland we never had boots, only klompen or wooden shoes. But these boots kept you clean and dry, at least most of the time. Then last year Jenny showed up with really nice boots. They had everything the others did not have. They looked great, were very warm and fitted just right. Last week I got my own pair of Bogs for my birthday. They fit so well, that I can even put them on to go for a walk. Now the next question: Shall they be used for the chores or.... shall I go back to the "other" ones. Just like my dad. He had klompen for the barn, which were plain wood and not painted and then a pair, usually black, for going to town. Another pair of socks have been finished. The yarn I got from Jeanette after they had been in San Francisco. The pattern is, again, by Cookie A. I wished I would have used other yarn for this pattern. It was fairly difficult and the pattern does not show up well. Last Saturday we celebrated 4 birthdays, including mine.Since Tony's parents are moving to a smaller place I was the recipient for 5 more orchids, including this lady slipper. I have 2 others, but neither has ever bloomed. I'm up to around 30 orchids now and this has to be it. There is no more room in the windows. Tuesday and Wednesday I was at the Eire Shore Quilters Guild and all was well. The weather was good ,excpet for some rain, but that's better then snow. I had a very enjoyable time and I hope that the ladies will show me later some of the crazy quilt blocks they worked so hard on. I did not get much stitching done in the last few days. The wall hanging below I made a few years ago. The pattern was in the AQS magazine. It is the frist time I made something with the raw edges showing. It was a new experience and I prefer to tuck the edges under I found out. It is machine quilted. The peice for the mountains I made kept for just such an occasion. It was dyed by Micky Lawler and I had bought it when we were in Vermont, years ago. Something happend here with the letters and I have no clue as how to change that with my limited knowledge of the computer. Better quit before I do more damage.
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