Wednesday, March 09, 2011

About cards and monkeys

There are 4 birthdays to celebrate in the first week of March around here. We will get together in a few days time and I needed another card. We were invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Tony's parents, but due to bad weather we missed that. Since this is the year of the rabbit I thought it would be nice to make a suitable card. Lots of ideas on the Internet and with lots of selvedges in the bin, I came up with this idea. For the rabbit I used WonderUnder, quick and easy. My poor sock monkey was in need of a hat and some finishing touches. I had bought some red yarn and made a cap, which was too small. The next one was better, but finally with my 3nd try I did it right. I just kept on going, so by now I have caps for Jenny , Lois and for my second, yet to be made, sock monkey. Here it is putting a few stitches in my new quilt. I have done a lot of boring, putting together by hand, work on this wall hanging. And there is more to do. I always seem to be making cards. I just like making small projects during the evening. The 3 cards below will be gone by next week. The fabric circles come from a piece of Japanese fabric. The top one has a few leaves put on with again WonderUnder. The bottom 2 have a few sashiko stitches added. I zigzagged around the edges. Next week I will be in Kingsville, near Leamington at the Erie Shore Quilters Guild . Tuesday evening I will give my trunkshow and then on Wednesday I will give a workshop. We will be making a crazy quilt block. This means, that I might not get back to this till later on in the week. Today was a miserable day with sleet and rain. More is expected for the coming days. I did buy some seeds today, but looking out of the window I might be a little bit on the optimistic side.
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