Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Blogger problems

I have been trying since the middle of last week to get some pictures on Blogger and I have had no success. This will be a short entry and I want to see if this is working.

Last week I mentioned, that I was tired of making these small wall hangings with kimonos. That lasted all of 2 days!

On the Friday I was in Kitchener with a long list of things to do. One of my stops was the Open House of Kallisti Quilts. I had ordered some more sashiko thread and Michelle told me, that she had saved her selvages for me. And not a few! I came home with a bag full. And they were beautiful, all from Japanese fabrics.

As a thank you I decided to make just one more of these small quilts, using some of the selvages. That first steps went fine. Once I got to the kimono part I ran into trouble. I wanted to use some taupe fabrics. After looking through all my fabrics, I discovered, that I did not own any taupes. On Saturday, I taught at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph and a few fat quarters took care of that.

This morning I finished this piece and that will be the end for now I'm busy working on some Smile quilts (our guild donates quilts to the hospital for children with severe illnesses).

Looking outside, I might as well be working where it is warm. On Sunday evening we got snow again and it is still white and cold outside.

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