Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is what it looked like outside the front door this morning. Last week I bought a flat of pansies and put some of them in pots to fill the urns. I was told that they can stand some frost. Let's hope that is true.By now the snow is gone, but it is still cold. And the weather for the coming week does not look too promising. Everything is ready for planting to start and Laurence is getting a little antsy to get going.
Nothing to show on the quilt front. I'm still machine quilting a Smile quilt. And I found out again, why I do not do more of it. My back and shoulders are protesting and that is a sign to slow down some more. Maybe by the time I'm finished it has warmed up enough outside to work in the garden. The started bulbs in the house are doing well. I will have a lot of begonia's.

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