Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blooms and more

Friday evening was craft night here at Lauren Farms. Jenny came over for the week-end and my friend Lois and her husband came for supper and then it was time to make our sock monkeys. Jenny had found the red heeled socks at a store in St. Catherines and with help of a book and some other instructions we were on our way. Part way through we realized that it would have gone way faster if we had used the machine for part of it. We did not get it all finished, but we had a lot of fun. On my trip to town yesterday I stopped at Spinrite and got some red cotton yarn to make a few hats and scarves. That will have to wait till the latest pair of socks are finished. On Saturday Jenny and I started to work on a "Quiet Book " It's just what it sounds like. The book is made out of fabric and has lots of interesting things to do for smaller kids. I used to make them years ago for the Mennonite Relief Sale and according to Jenny she never had one for herself. Since lots of her friends are having babies she decided to learn how to make one herself, with help from mother that is. Pictures will follow as we get the pages done. I have kept my ammarillis bulbs over the years and have had some success with getting them to bloom again. Usually I put them outside in the ground and dig them up in the fall. Last year I put them in large pots on the deck and they did very well. Up to now 6 have bloomed, most with multiple stems with a few smaller ones to come yet. Those and the blooming orchids make it colorful in the house. For years I always hoped for a cardinal at the bird feeder. When finally one showed up just before Christmas I was very pleased. He was a little skitterish and as soon as he saw a reflection in the window he was gone. Over time he must have gotten used to us and would sit for a short period of time on the sill in the kitchen window. Then one day Laurence heard a strange noice and here was the cardinal, flying again and again in the window for about 5 minutes and then he would disappear. Then I remembered a neighbour, complaining of a cardinal doing that same thing over and over again. I wonder what it sees in the window. It always is at about the same time of the day, later on in the morning. This morning I happen to be close and have my camera handy and I managed to get a few pictures. Most did not turn out. By the time I took the picture, the bird was long gone.
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