Wednesday, February 02, 2011


One of the places I wanted to visit in Holland was Makkum,where the Tichelaar Family has made pottery for over 400 years. On a cold and rainy Monday my cousin Sippy took me to see some Delft Blue pottery. Located in these old buildings they still make the plates, pots and vases, that they are known for. At the back was added a very modern ,light show room, where you can buy the old style pottery as well as very modern pieces. They were very accomodating and I could take pictures as much as I wanted. One thing had changed. We could not tour the actual factory anymore, but had to watch through windows. This was a fantastic piece( below), used long ago to show of tulips. That was in the time, that tulips were worth more than gold. They had done restauration work on some pieces for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and decided to make a few new ones. And what a job it must have been! One was left without the blue decorations and that gave it a very modern look. I would have loved to take some of the bigger pieces home with me, but after my fall I thought it better not to try. The first place I stayed in Friesland was at my sister's. They live in a 100 year old house which has been fixed up with a lot of the old things still in place. Included in that are a lot of old tiles in the living room, kitchen and outside beside the front door and above the windows. All are close to 100 years old.It was here, that I saw the book about the Tichelaar Family for the first time. In the book were pictures of the tiles and and of this house. As you can see, they made a lot more than what we think of as Delft blue pottery. It seems that they were very good at changing as the times changed. That might be one of the reasons, that they is still in business after more than 4 centuries. I did buy the book, so I can have a better look now that I'm home. And I could not go home without at least a few small gifts. For Tony and Jenny, who plays the French horn, I found this horn player and for Shawn and Emily I had a choice of different horse and riders. And yes, I got them home safely. It has been back to work for me. The crazy quilt is almost finished. It is hanging on my frame and it is (almost) square and it hangs straight. I will have to go over it with a magnifying glass to try and catch all the loose ends, but I'm happy I did not give up. It took me almost 5 years, of and on. We missed the BIG storm. We were warned, that we might get up to 30 cm of snow, but it ended up with about 5 to 10, but with some wind. Schools were closed, but all the roads around here were open. It was just a good day to stay inside and get some work done.
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