Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Watkins Glen

We finally managed to get away for a few days last week. Friday we ended up at Jeanette's. I had mentioned that I needed a new purse and she had scouted out a few places to go. I'm not a shopper. I make a list and once that is finished I'm on my way home. She loves to shop and has a nose for sales. But first we had to stop at Vermeer's nursery, where they had their orchid week-end. I saw some beauties, but with Laurence in the back-ground I managed to get away with just 2 bags of potting soil. We did go to the leather store and I did buy a new purse and spend more than I ever have. According to my children I'm cheap!! But I guess that's what you get when you start farming with not much. You just had to be that way. Saturday we went over the border and were on our way to the Finger Lakes District. We ended up at Penn Yan and went for a walk at the Outlet Trail, where we saw this little fellow. A lot of squirels were very busy picking up acorns. We were expecting to see ruins of the different mills, but could not find any. I did visit a quilt store, but there were only finished quilts for sale, some very nice ones.Sunday we went to Corning. I wanted to go to the Glass Museum. Now Laurence is not a museum person, not on a sunny day anyway, but I insisted and guess what. He took longer looking at the exhibits than I did. The museum is fantastic and a must see. Next we went to the Westen Art Museum, which he also liked well enough. We had been told by Shawn, that we had to go and see the waterfalls at Watkins Glen. It would be busy, but according to him we could just walk up and take a shuttle bus down. Well, on Sunday evening we found out, that there would not be any more busses. And anyway how difficult could it be. Monday morning at 8.30 we were ready to go. There was only one other car in the parking lot. The walk up was amazing with beautiful areas. I took a lot of pictures.And just to show you that I really was there I had Laurence take a picture of me. Why the hat on backwards? How else can you take pictures. Once I was done I turned it around. The walk up to the top waterfall took us about 1/2 hour and we only met 5 other people. We decided not to go to the top, since we had seen what we came for. On our way down we met more people and by the time we came to the car, the parking lot was almost full. And you know what....we were not even tired or stiff. That came for me the next day. We decide the drive home. I had developed severe hearing problems in my "good" ear and Laurence was tired of all the shouting, what I can understand. This afternoon I have a doctor's appointment and I hope that I only need my ear cleaned out, so my hearing aid will work again. Right now it is a very quiet world for me. I will just mention ,that the Waterloo County Quilters Guild has their Quilt Show this coming week-end at the RIM Center in Waterloo. The show is Friday from 10 to 6 Saturday from 10 to 6. And finally were are working on updating my workshops page. It should be done later this week.
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