Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shorter days are here

Saturday we had a visitor. Jenny came and she had Bernie, her Bernese Mountain dog, along. I just had to take a picture of a sweet dog in front of the sweet peas. These are in full bloom and it seems, that the more you pick, the more blooms there are. Another sign that fall is near are all the dahlia's I have in the garden. They always take a long time to get to the blooming stage, since I put the bulbs right into the garden. The yellow ones are almost dinner plate size. The orange ones are smaller. I like the color better, but these only last a short time. We did get the sedums planted.I have ordered 200 daffodils to plant in between, but I will not pick those up till our guild meeting next week.Jenny came home with 120 crocusses and they will also need a home. We even planted grass seed on the part that won't have plants. I phoned the hardware store and asked if they had anything that would drill holes in the ground and that would fit in an portable drill and I was lucky. There is one there,even on sale. I will pick that up next week also. Why do it the hard way, when there is an easier way! In the quilt department. I needed a card and I came up with this idea. The back ground has some selvages sewn on The sunflower is fused and then covered with some thread painting. Size is 5 by 7 inches.I like to do these small projects when I get tired of the bigger ones. I'm still not finished quilting the one from last week. The center is an all over design and there are feathers in the border. I have never been able to do even close to a decent job with these feathers. This is shown from the back. The front is harder to see, since it has different colors. I think I'm getting a little better. These feathers are all done free hand. I only draw the spine. 2 more to go and I can put the binding on. Hooray, another project to scratch of the to do list!
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