Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Internet....again

We get our Internet via signals, that go from tower to tower. Usually it works well, although bad weather can interfere.Last week we ran into another problem. This is what I read in the local paper. "Around 2am on September 12th , vandals send a 120 foot communications tower crashing to the ground near Parker.Estimates are that the vandals used an angle grinder to sever the tower's legs. The cost is at least $100.000 and 3000 customers were without Internet services". That included us. I'm happy to say, that as of last evening we were connected again. The police is looking into this, but it is out in the country, so not many people are around at that time of the night. I managed to finish the Christmas throw. It is all flannel, so it is warm and cosy. I learned a lot by quilting it and feel ready for the next one. On Saturday I took a beginner course in making flower arrangements. It was put on by the Horticultural Society in Fergus and it was a lot of fun. Each had to make 3 arragements in a short period of time. After lunch we watched one member make abstract arragements and they were amazing. The worst is always to try and get the arragements home in one piece without dumping them upside down in the car.I was lucky that day! The weather is still beaufitul. It looks like we have our summer just a few months later than other years. This is very good for the corn, since that is still behind. Yesterday was guild meeting and afterwards I picked up my daffodil bulbs. They are huge. They barely fit in a big crate. I will need Laurence's help to get them in the ground. I got something to put on the end of a drill, so he can run that machine, while I put them in the ground. Posted by Picasa

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