Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The final move

When we moved in December it was too late in the year to move our farm sign. Then this spring the legs snapped in a bad wind storm. We moved it to the workshop and there it stayed. Laurence was busy and so it did not get done, till last week that is. To prevend the legs from snapping in the wind again he brought 2 cement block over and put them on each side of the potentilla. Next we had to find a small generator to run the drill, but it all came together on Monday and it is done. Today I visited my friend Lois and at her place we pulled out a bunch of perenial ivy. I planted that tonight around the blocks, so hopefully by next year they will be covered by ivy. If you look to the right of the sign you can see another bigger flower bed. At one time there was a statue. We sold it and pulled out all the overgrown evergreens. It is still very uneven and there are a lot of weeds. That job will be tackled next. I'm going to borrow a rototiller (sold ours for I did not think I would ever need one again)Since the bare patch is big, I needed a lot of plants. I wanted sedums, but could not find any in the nursery I went to today. On my way home I saw a sign at the end of a farm lane with "perenials for sale" On a whim I drove in and boy, was I glad I did. It was an Old order Mennonite place with a good size greenhouse and lots of plants. I came out of there with 14 good size and very healthy sedums for $70 plus tax. Now to fill in between the sedums I thought of daffodils. The plan is for the daffodils to bloom in the spring and by the time the foliage turns brown, the sedums have grown enough to cover the foliage. One call to Ontario Seed did the trick. There will be 200 bulbs waiting for me on the day of the next guild meeting. Now on the quilt front. This flannel quilt top I bought at a store a few years ago. My plan was to machine quilt it, but instead it ended up in the to do pile. But that is about to change. My next project will be to machine quilt the top with the Dutch fabrics. I want to do a real good job, so this quilt is my trial piece. The center is an all over design and in the border I want to try free hand feathers. I did learn what not to do. You can see the way I basted the layers together and it did not work. I get tangled up in the threads while quilting. I end up cutting the basting as I quilt, what is a real nuisance.
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