Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quilt Show

IMG_5578 Last week, our guild had its biennial quilt show at RIM Park in Waterloo. Saturday morning I left early, with my camera. My plan was to look at the quilts and visit the vendors before my shift to volunteer started. That was fine, till I tried to take pictures and nothing happened. The memory card was still stuck at home in the computer!!!! Ever done that? So much for pictures.

IMG_5574To the rescue came Tamara  (who, by the way, keeps me on the straight and narrow with my blog). I borrowed her camera just to take a few pictures. The picture above shows the winning quilts from the WCQG’s 2007 Quilt Show, which were displayed as you entered the hall.  

Then yesterday, when I asked her for the pictures, her camera was misplaced, at least until her kids found it again. By the time I received them it was time to make supper, after which we went for a IMG_5576visit to my mother-in-law.That's why this post at first appeared with pictures but no story! (Above, a look down toward one of my quilts, the Mariner’s Compass.)

Now about the show. There were beautiful quilts, very well displayed. The hall is big and bright, and with the skills of Kathy Bissett, who hung the show, it all came together just right.

Here is a closer shot of my Mariner’s Compass, pieced for Shawn & Emily’s wedding last summer. (They’ll get it back soon!)IMG_5577

And I admired this Baltimore Album quilt (right), made by Ginny Hess. Very traditional and very well done.   

The small wall hanging below was made by Judy Pearce, one of the IMG_557365 ladies who took my “Hawaiian” workshops last winter. The center piece was her first applique!

She designed the other 2 pieces and machine quilted it. For a first piece it was very well done.

IMG_5572 As you entered the Quilt Show, you were greeted by this quilt, made by Elizabeth King. It is really 3 quilts in one. The long stripes in the back form one quilt. The 2 panels with the giraffes and elephants are 2 separate small quilts, attached attached by 3 very large buttons!

All in all it was very good show. I stayed till the end and helped with the taking down. That way I could take my quilts home with me. But was I tired!

And I'm back in the land of the hearing. I went to the doctor who cleaned out my ear. There had been an infection for a while and it still is not completely gone, but at least Laurence does not have to holler all the time.

And… my list of workshops has been updated, so have a look at some old ones and some new ones!

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  1. Hi Renske,
    A week and a half ago, I went to a Flower Garden show here in Pietermaritzburg. I have to say I thought to myself, how my mother and Renske would have enjoyed it here. At, the show they had a exhibit of Orchids. They were all different sizes and colours, and I think there was some kind of competition in that exhibit with the orchids. The next spot I thought of you both, was in the quilt exhibit. I wasn't expecting to come accross quilts at the Flower and Garden show here, but I did and thought of you both. And they were all beautiful, full of colour some of them and all different sizes, and patterns.
    Cheers and happy stiching