Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Who can be in a bad mood with these colorfull pansies looking at you. These were a big surprise. Some of the yellow ones poked up through the snow already. Last year I had a few pansies in my big pots and they must have dropped some seeds. As you can see the pots are still empty.
The weather has been great the last week, but we still can expect frost. Laurence is planting corn and so far it is going well. My job is to stay near a phone and be available in case something has to be brought to the field or some equipment has to be moved, all things I can handle. It also means that I can work on my applique or in the flowerbeds. This coming week-end I hope to go to Jenny's and cash in my gift certificates at Vermeers in Welland,my favorite plant nursery.
This little landscape was another one started during a workshop I gave. I must be doing something wrong, when I take these pictures, because the centre is square, not like it looks in the picture. The purple part has been embroidered and I quilted around the yellow flowers. I will get it quilted on a rainy day.
The hexagons and triangles piece is almost attached to the background, but it will need something more, either a border with cherry blossoms or different orchids. I have to think that one over for a while.
This morning I started on a landscape of our farm in Friesland. The house has lots of windows with very narrow sashing, so it will be a challenge. It has been looking at me for over six months and today was the day. I found fabric for the bricks and found a way to make a fabric look like tiles for the roof. More next week.
Got to go outside. With it warming up outside, the flowers grow, but so do the weeds. It seems to be a never ending job to stay ahead of the weeds, but at least we can try

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  1. Renske,
    I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog i check in every week to see what you have been up to. Your work is fabulous. I don't always "comment" but wanted you to know that you are appreciated. Thanks Again Deb