Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It was early getting up this morning. I had to be in London, Ontario that is, just after nine to give a lecture/trunkshow for the Thames Valley Guild. As you can see it was a "trunk" show. I have made up a list and I tick items of as I put them in the car. This way I'm sure I have everything along
The large quilts are in the suitcase, the larger wallhangings are in a roll and the smaller wall hangings are in the blue binder I made. The smaller items like cards and framed landscapes are in the black bags. It does not take me long to get ready.The trick is to put everything back in the right place when I come home. Usually I'm tired by then and items do not always get back where they should go. Than it is trouble when I have to go away again. It was an uneventfull drive. I did not get lost and arrived more than in time( I'm not a city driver!!). I even had my own parking spot right beside the door. My friend Pat came along for the ride . I promised to take her out for her birthday afterwards. We made it back to Listowel early in the afternoon and had time to visit my mother-in-law and get some groceries. By the time I got home it had started to rain. And we need that, it is very dry here.
On Sunday Laurence and I walked to our 20 acre woodlot at the back of the farm. It was still about one week too early, because all we saw was some dark red trilliums and my favorite, this lonely Jack-in-the-pulpit. If this warm weather keeps up, the white trilliums will be out by the coming Sunday.
Things have been going slow here at Lauren Farms. Laurence had a mishap and hurt his ribs. Coughing, sneezing and laughing almost do him in. This happened just before the corn planting was finished. He did manage to do the rest. I have been helping him as much as I can, but this rain comes at the right time. This will give him some rest.
I started on my next project, the farm house. I finished one side of the house, but realized that the windows were crooked. Now I know that the house was slowly sinking down( the house was replaced in the 60th), but not quite that much. It was not bad, but could be done better, so I ripped it out. I had too, because I had only a small amount of the right fabric and I will have to re-use it. But I did discover a better and easier way of putting the windows in ,so maybe it was a blessing after all. Hope to start again tomorrow.

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