Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frisian Farm

It has been a warm, cold and at times wet week. Not good to get the soybeans in the ground, but very good for the lawn. I mowed it at the end of last week and in a few days it looked again like a hay field. But that has been taken care of. Hubby still has problems with is ribs, so I have had to help here and there, more than usual. But I did get some quilt work done. I started on the wall hanging I want to make of our old farm in Friesland. This picture is the only one I have to work with, beside a small colored drawing. The brochure is for cleaning supplies. Nobody knows when it was taken and it was just by coincidence that we found a copy. The farm can be divided in 3 parts, the body where the animals and feed are kept ( in our case it also had the summer and regular kitchens), the"neck" with a hall and the"good" room. The "head" had one small bedroom and a huge room upstairs with the milk cellar below. In my time we used that for the apples out our orchard.
I don't know how old these buildings were, but it was clear in the 50th that the living quarters were slowly sinking in the clay. So in the 60th a new house was build. I have lots of pictures of the new house, but that's not what I want to use.
My first try was very crooked, even worse than the house was. This second try is better. This is only the applique, I will have to do the rest with embroidery.
The coming week will be very busy. The Waterloo Quilt Festival will be all week long. I think I could go to an opening most evenings. I will also give 2 trunkshows at the Church Theatre in St. Jacobs, one Tuesday evening and the other Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. Congratulations on your Winner. I was at the show saturday and saw both of your quilts. They are both lovely. I laughed when I remembered you posting a picture on your blog of the crane "wing" fabric after you had cut them out. Hope to see you in St. John's.