Thursday, August 03, 2006

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

On Saturday morning we went for a quick visit to the farm of Eunice and John Bosomworth near Ayton. They had an "open house" with the proceeds going to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank ( 1983 a group of churches started this foodgrains bank, so farmers could donate part of their crops for relief. Later the urban churches got involved. Often they would rent a field, pay for the inputs and donate the crops.With the low grain prices a group of churches in the area of Hanover tried something different. They asked if the Bosomworths would be willing to show their extensive collection of (mostly) John Deere tractors and implements and their Norwegian Fjorden Horses. So you can see there was something for both of us. The day was hot and sunny and when we got there the field was already full of parked cars. The horses were very friendly and quiet and took all the business in stride. The collection of tractors was amazing. We had to go from shed to shed. Too bad that the light inside was not very good for taking pictures. And was very hot. We could not stay as long as we wanted. By noon the wheat was dry enough to start combining. Now we are glad we did not waste any time. After a few very hot and humid days we got rain and more rain. We did get our crop of, but only halve of our neighbour's. But it looks promising, the forecast predicts 4 or 5 sunny days. By next week I hope to have a picture of a new landscape. And I hope to get some help in doing a better job with this blog.

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