Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This week I made this small quilt for my, almost, 90 year old mother in Holland. This is the third one in the series and is meant for the summer.I used some off white wired ribbon for the 3D roses. I painted the ribbon with Seta Colors I had on hand.One side is yellow, the other side has some red along the edge. The black and white checkered fabric I put in some left-over dye and it came out this lovely green. I wished I had used the whole meter, instead of a fat quarter. The border is another piece of fabric that I dyed last week. Now I have to find some time to machine quilt it. Then a quick trip to the post office and it will be on its way. I'm thinking of some maple leaves for the fall quilt. But this is August and I forgot how busy we are in good weather. The wheat has been combined here and at the neighbours and the straw is in the barn. I even helped this afternoon driving the tractor, so the job would be done before supper. And then there is the big tree with harvest apples. That means making apple sauce for the freezer.And the(early) sweet corn! We like to take the easy route, so we plant our sweet corn at the outside of one of the fields with a six-row corn planter. The corn is planted in no time, but if we win the yearly battle with the raccoons we have lots of corn, more than we can use. So dear friend Pat came over today and left with a car load and more friends have been contacted. And this is the early variety.....there is more to come.

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