Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Basket quilt

No,this quilt has not been made by me. This is the latest quilt by my 85 year old mother-in-law.It measures about 50 by 50 inches. The center consists of small squares, 5/8 of an inch before seam allowance. How about that for eye sight at that age. Hilda sewed all the squares together by hand, first 10 in a row and then 10 rows together. Later these small squares were sewn together into long strips. Finally those long strips were sewn together.. Once the border was in place and marked she stuffed some of the flowers in the borders after which she quilted it by hand. It is from my mother-in-law that I learned about quilts. The first time I saw a quilting frame was in her "front"room. When we took over the dairyfarm, grandpa and her moved to the new house build at the corner of the farm. That was over 32 years ago. Ove the years she has helped me with countless projects. We each had our favorite part, for her quilting for me applique and (sometimes)piecing. But that is about to change. Grandma decided that it is time to move to a place where there is more help available. So....we are busy taking her around to see places, trying to set up an auction and trying to sell her house. So you see there is not much time for anything quilt related. It also does not help that I ordered a bushel of peaches. Each year I forget how many peaches there are in a bushel, but most have been canned or made into jam by now. So if this blog does not get updated for a few weeks, you know the reason.

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