Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cherry blossoms

 I have been trying to get this done, but Blogger has changed again and I'm unable to do it the way I want to.
So this time it will be short and sweet.
The top of this wall hanging is finished. It started with a panel . Since the kimono had small cherry blossoms I decided to bring these out in the border.
I used a creamy sashiko thread. The high lights are a overdyed pearl cotton .When I started I had no idea how much it would take, but I did have enough, but just barely
There was about 4 inches left!
One of these years I will learn to figure things out before starting a project.

The next step will be the  machine quilting, but that will have to wait till my shoulder feels better.
Last week I had a very good time at the guild in Dunnville. I was looking forward to it so much, that I managed to show up a day to early. I felt awfully stupid. This has never happened in all of my almost 20 years of teaching.
But ....I stayed at Jeanette's place and so I could enjoy our grandson one extra day. The trunk show went well and we had a lot of fun during the workshop.
Now it is tomorrow to the Yorkshire Rose Guild in Toronto for a trunk show.
 Just before Christmas this cactus was in full bloom. Once finished it ended upstairs in a window, where it was promtly forgotten. Once in a long while I would water it.
To my surprise buds appeared a few weeks ago and now it is in full bloom. I guess they thrive on neglect.
Almost all the snow has gone and now I can see how much work the flowerbeds need.
As soon as the weather will warm up, I will spend my time outside.
Waiting for that I have started another project, more about that the next time.
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