Saturday, April 27, 2013

African quilt

Just over a week ago I took this small quilt to our guild. My idea was to show it and see if there would be any interest in making another quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale.
It always helps to have something to show.
I think there will be another quilt.
About 50 hands went up. We will not start this project till the fall, but at least I know, that I better get my act together and come up with a more concrete plan.
This small quilt will be, once cut back 16 by 20 inches, The final quilt will consist of small quilts, sewn together with the quilt as you go method.At least that's the idea for now.
The small batik pieces I found in a craft boutique in Nairobi. They were stuck to a  piece of paper and sold as cards.

This necklace I received from one of the Massaai ladies, when we were up in the hills. When I went through my pictures I even have a picture of one of the ladies holding it in her hand.
 The 2 border pieces come from a large piece of fabric I was given. Since the border should be around 3 inches, it was the perfect size and color.

The necklace on the left I bought at the same place, where I got the other one. Wherever we went, the woman would put a cloth on the ground and on that display their ware. Some of the beadwork was incredible.
And their hands were never idle. While talking and listening they would be working on their beadwork.
The buttons at the bottom are bone buttons I had bought a few years ago.
They were just what was needed to finish this project.

Now it is back to making things for the grandkids. Evelyn's birthday is coming up and she can use a small fabric book, Jonas was in need of more bibs. I had made one of these touchy-feely quilts for Evelyn and now there was a request from Jeanette. It took me longer to find the blocks I had cut out already than to make it. It has been put in the washer and gone through the dryer, so I know it will be able to stand the use/misuse it will get.
We finally have a sunny day. Here it is almost May and none of the crops have been planted yet. It looked like the coming week might be different, but the forecast now shows showers/rain for the forseeable future.
I did get some of the flowerbeds cleaned up. Most of the plants seem to have made it through the winter and it looks like I will not have to get too many new plants.
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