Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weather woes

We have had a different week behind us.
Last Wednesday I left for Toronto early in the afternoon. I do not like driving in the city, but I was invited to give a trunkshow at the Yorkshire Rose Quilters Guild.
The ladies were very accomodating and told me to come early, so I would miss rush hour. I arrived in the city during a downpour, but did manage to find the right address. Margaret, born in Friesland, and I got along great. She even drove my car to the church, where there was a parking space right in front of the Danfort Mennonite Church. Moving my things inside was easy. Afterwards I followed Anne through a large part of Toronto.
After a good night I left with only a dusting of snow. That got worse as soon as I was on the road.
I did make it home through snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice pellets and yes even some sun.
Was I ever glad to be home!
At bed time the weather did not seem to be too bad. When we woke up at 4 in the morning the power was of. That means a quick trip to the barn to check on the generator. And ....everything was covered with ice. Yes, that is an orchid in front of the window. Not much to see.
Laurence did make it back.When we got up at 7 the power was still out and there was still more ice. Time to put the generator at home on. For years the barns would have power during an outing, but never the house. When we moved here I was sure to get it set up for a generator. After we had one, it promptly got stolen ,when Laurence took it to start the combine.

But the one we have here now needs a tractor with loader to move.
And that was our live for the next few days. Laurence was kept busy moving fuel. By Friday afternoon the ice was gone, but it took till Monday afternoon to get power again. It had hit a very large arrea and a lot of hydro poles had broken.
We managed just fine. The generator cannot handle the heating system so even with the fireplace and a small heater it was a tad on the cold side. But you can always add an extra jacket.

But it did run the sewing machine.
Tomorrow at our guild meeting I want to introduce a new project I have in mind. For this I wanted a make a small quilt out of my African fabrics.
The 3 small batiks I found on our last day in Nairobi. They were pasted on a piece of paper and were sold as postcards. The buttons are made out of bone, the necklace out of beads and bone.
 Although the weather has improved, it still does not feel spring like.

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