Thursday, May 09, 2013

Busy time

 We have had a few busy days. As soon as the ground was ready for planting Laurence was in the field, so that right now all the corn has been planted. Even the sweet corn!
Some years that has not happened. I know, that when THE call comes, I better be ready with the seeds. Once the corn planter has been parked, that's it, game over.
The planting itself only takes a few minutes with the 6 row planter. But now we need rain. It always amazes me, how quickly it can go from too dry to dry.
I did not get much done quilt wise.
I have started on the second block of the African quilt

For the dark borders at the left and bottom I used the selvages from the African fabrics I have. Most are from Tanzania and that is clearly labeled.
The silhouette  comes from a picture I took of 2 Massaai warriors in Tanzania.
It has been fused, but I will sew around it, using the blanket stitch.
My plan is to machine quilt with dark thread trees in the back ground and stones in the front. I took this picture, when we were visiting a new sand dam, one of the first ones in the area.
Everybody was waiting for the rains to come, so the sand could fill in behind the dam.

With this glorious weather it took no time for the hyacinths and daffodils to show their colors. At the same time, with this warm weather they will not last long. Today I started to dead head the spend blooms.
It seems, that almost all my plants have survived the winter. They all are up, even some I cannot remember. That's good, but this means that I do not really have any reason to buy more plants.
In the early spring I will buy a few primulas for in the house and once finished blooming they will end up in the flower beds, where they do well. They give some extra color in the early spring.
Next Wednesday I will be teaching in Stratford, where I will have a full class.
Now the next job on my list.......mowing the lawn!
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