Monday, May 27, 2013

New Hamburg Relief Sale

The last week-end in May means only one thing. It is time for the annual Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg.
Years ago I would take grandma to see the quilts on the Friday evening. And that's all that would be there. Once the organizers noticed all the people coming for the preview, more activities were added, so that this year a lot of things were going on.
We managed to go the Friday evening. Laurence had been feeling sick for a few days ( the miserable, rainy weather did not help either).
Besides furniture there was a quilt made about 1860-1870 being auctioned. The maker was known
In the picture it looked really good, but by examening closer, it did not look quite as good, so I did not bid.
It wetnt for $300 and looking back I should have at least put one bid in. Jenny was not happy! She loves old things
The feature quilt was made by Judy Pearce. Her son-in-law took a picture a few years ago and she decided to make it into a quilt
And what a wonderful job she did!
She very carefully matched the fabrics, appliqued them and then machien quilted it on her domestic machine.
Here is Judy with her quilt on the Friday evening before the sale.
On Saturday it was sold for $10.000 to Brenda Jewitt, an old neighbour, who used to live 2 farms up from us. I'm very sorry I missed it. But on Saturday it was my turn to be sick and the couch was about as far as I traveled that day.

 Just don't think that it is only quilts being sold.
There is a large tent overfull with plants, flowers, even small trees.
And as usual Clara was more then ready to help future customers.
She brings a lot of plants and can help you with just about any questions.
I ended up buying a few more dahlias to fill in a few holes.
And we better not talk about the food!

And we had our birthday girl.
Evelyn turend one May 15th and the following Sunday there was a party for her.
Last fall Jenny phoned and wondered about this little chair. She was at a craft sale and there were these cute miniature chairs. If she should get one for Evelyn, she wondered
She painted it red and Evelyn loves it. It is so small that she can get in and out herself.

The week-end before that we all were at Jenny and Tonys for Jonas' baby dedication.
This was the first time that the cousins  seemed to notice each other.
It was funny to see them interact.
Less funny was, when Jenny and Tony had a mishap when out biking.
Jenny fell and hit the ground hard. Her helmet was cracked in 2 places.
When she experienced chest pains I took her to the hospital.
She was taken in right away and after lots of tests and blood work it was decided that she was o.k
All in all it took from 6 till 1 in the morning.At the same time Laurence and Tony were looking after Evelyn and Jonas. The guys did a great job. When we came home everynody was a sleep!
And Jenny promised not to go on her bike till she has a replacement helmet.
That's what saved her from more serious injuries.
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  1. Beautiful quilt of the Mennonite lades holding a quilt. Your grandchildren are adorable and I am sure glad that Jenny was not badly hurt.