Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some more sashiko

We have had a very busy week. Shawn and Emily took some  holidays  and we looked after Evelyn for a few days. She is almost 11 months and she is a very busy girl. Since this is our oldest grandchild it is a new experience for us. But by now she has us well trained.
Here she is wearing a pullover , that was knitted by my aunt Ietje in Holland. She made it for Jeanette, when she was a baby. I had kept it in the cedar chest and it came out as new. Now Evelyn is wearing something her great, great aunt knitted.
And yes, we were very tired once she left us.

I have been working on a few small sashiko projects. One workshop I have shows a sashiko border around a panel.
I wanted a few more samples and the first one was this small cloth, used to wrap a present. It shows a bridge with blooming cherry trees.

I added sashiko cherry blossoms to the top and bottom and finished this piece of with a simple pillow style back. It will not get any quilting.

This kimono panel I found in some fabric I received. On the kimono are branches with cherry blossoms.
I planned a border with similar branches with cherry blossoms.
 First I put freezer paper to the size I wanted the border to be.
Next I drew the branches and some of the leaves with pencil.
I was not sure where I wanted the flowers and the easiest for me was to draw a bunch of blooms, cut the out and start putting them on the freezer paper.

These flowers I drew with a heavy magic marker. Once the pattern is finished I will put it on my light table. By making the lines heavy I can see them through my dark blue border fabric and it is easy to draw them with a white pencil or pen. .
I'm almost done and so far my shoulder is o.k. I do take my time though


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  1. Your Granddaughter is adorable and your Sashiko is lovely.