Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring is coming

 Inside the flowers are in full bloom,but outside it is cold and snowy, so how do I know, that spring is near?
This morning I got THE call. Our jugs have been filled with fresh maple syrup and we can pick them up.
Laurence will be thrilled. We have been out for a few months. I dropped a large container. Not a good idea! It makes an awful mess to clean up.
Most of my ammarilis bulbs  have finished blooming, but my orchids are doing great.

This winter we had a new visitor at the bird feeder. It is a red bellied woodpecker, a bird I had never seen before. It took a while before she( I think that what it is) was comfortable enough to go to the suet ,but once she had a taste, she was back often.

I'm back to some applique, but this time I try to be smart and do a little at a time. Not being able to do as much as I wanted made for a long winter. Jenny had asked about rag quilts and we decided to
get to gether for a sewing day.
Jenny has done some sewing, even made a quilt, but Emily was new. For somebody to learn about sewing making a rag quilt is a good excercise. While they sewed I looked after the kids. Since at that time they were not mobile yet, it was easy.

At the end of the day they were ready to snip the seams. Both quilts turned out great and are in use all the time.
More next week about our second sewing day.
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