Thursday, July 12, 2012


This afternoon we started the wheat harvest and it looks like it might be a fairly good one. One thing is for sure, it will not be too wet. We like nice sunny weather for the combining, but we gladly take rain anytime. We are not as dry as at some places, but the other crops are starting to hurt.
My job is to be in the house and answer the phone, so as soon as something has to be delivered or picked up, I'm there. Tough Job!
I have been working on a new applique block and you can see some of that behind the card. The card was send out a while ago and came back this week. More postage was needed .I hope it will make the trip overseas this time.
Our little grand daughter is two months now and this week we had her here, while her mom went to a meeting. She is changing every time we see her. It has been a long time since I have been around babies, so there is somewhat of a learning curve, but I'm sure of one thing. Evelyn will get what Evelyn wants, at least for now.
But we love to have her here.
We have new friends in the neigfhbourhood. This spring we notice a fox coming across the road and the field. Then about 6 weeks ago I went for a walk in the evening and I saw 5 foxes playing in a neighbour's hay field. The hay had been cut and put in the silo, so there was nothing to hide the foxes. It was fun to see them at play.
Then we noticed them coming across our lawn. We have the whole farm in corn and it is much easier for them to cross the road here and go acorss the lawn, then through the corn. And they take their time. Most of the time they plop down, like a dog not far from the house and watch whatever we are doing. So here we are watching each other most often around dusk. That can go on for 10 minutes. It does seem ,that as soon as I get the camera, they start to move away. This fox on the picture came very close to the house.
With this house came a big yard and a nice gazebo. But it is some distant from the house, so we never use it. At the same time I was looking for a place to keep my orchids for the summer and this is working great. During the hottest part of the day, they are in the shade, but there is sun early and later in the day. I did the same last year and all of the orchids bloomed in the winter.
Got to run. I got "THE CALL"A tractor is needed in the field, as soon as possible' please!

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