Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another sunny day

In about 1 hour the wheat harvest will be over for this year. Although not a bumper crop it was as good as expected. Since last week we only had 1 inch of rain. It has been spotty. On the one side of us they received up to 3 inches, while on the other side there was almost no rain at all. We are still very dry, but the crops seem to be hanging in there. We do hope for some more rain soon though. I'm not in the habit of watering my flower beds. If they cannot survive, they do not belong around here. I do have to water the containers daily, somethimes two times a day. This year I did make a change. I planted a lot of new perenials and they deserve some extra care. This morning I took out the long hose and gave them a drink and I hope it will be the last time it is needed. A few years ago Jeanette and Tony went to Hawaii for a conference/holidays. She brought back a collection of flowered fabric for me and a piece of batik with turtles, only available on Hawaii. I did use some sparingly and when she knew, that she was expecting, she came home with more of this fabric and a pattern she had. As usual she thinks ahead. I was asked to make a baby quilt. I figured out, that there really was not enough fabric, but by going through my stash I found a few extra pieces. The rest of the fabric I found at Creative Sisters in Kitchenere. And I was of to the races! The turtles are machine appliqued, the other blocks paper pieced. My goal was to machine quilt it myself, but I realize, that will not be possible.My shoulders are holding up well, but I will have to stay careful with what I'm doing. I will take it to get quilted this coming week. Next project is a new workshop sample with a combination of different sashiko samples. That one should be done next week.

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