Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to a quiet house

We have had a few busy weeks with lots of company. Laurence's brother and his wife were the first to arrive -- and see what they ended up helping me with!
I store my large quilts on one of the spare beds and since we were going to have a full house they had to be moved. Just the right time to take some pictures. I never took pictures of my oldest quilts. It all worked out very well. I would take one quilt downstairs, if needed put a temporary sleeve on the back, take the quilt outside and my helpers would hang the quilt on the frame. The weather was perfect, overcast and quiet, except for a few minutes. Right at that time, one of the quilts decided to try out for a flying carpet. No damage done though. Now I have documentation of almost all of my quilts. 
Over the next few days the rest of the family came from B.C, Alberta and Saskatchewan. By Saturday morning the house was more than full. Grandma, the birthday girl, came midmorning and was here till early evening, having a wonderful time with all her children and grandchildren. And this picture just shows that you are never too old to learn something new. Here grandma, 90 years old, is using an IPad for the first time. Jeanette brought her pictures of their holidays to Scotland and grandma spend a long time watching them and figuring out how to use the IPad.
After a wonderful Saturday, we all went to a reunion on Sunday. I had made lots of food beforehand and that came in very handy. By the time the company was gone, the fridge and freezer were getting empty. All in all, a good time! 
Soon after we were married I made my first quilt. After using it for years, it ended up covering one of Laurence's antique John Deere tractors. So no picture of that one. But this was the next one, made in 1974, just before Shawn was born. We had moved back to the dairy farm and with helping with the milking and teaching special ed. I was very busy. But somehow I found the time to make this quilt.
The pattern came from a very old and very small picture I found in one of grandma's very old magazines. Since we did not know if it would be a boy or girl I used both blue and pink. I drew the pattern pieces and did the applique on the machine.  After that grandma put in her magic with her hand quilting. This quilt has seen a lot of use. It was lost for a long time, till I finally found it in the bottom of the cedar chest.
The weather has been good the last few weeks with lots of sunshine and some much needed rain. The wheat harvest is behind us with a very good yield and most of the straw has been baled or sold. We are looking forward to some quiet days on the farm, at least till the white beans are ready. Lots of time to get some projects finished.

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