Thursday, August 25, 2011

All mixed up

I love my amarillis to bloom during our long and dark winter. Then in the spring I take them outside and once there I hope they will grow bigger bulbs for more flowers in the coming winter. A month ago I noticed a few flower stalks coming out of one of the plants. And right when we celebrated grandma's 90th birthday I had 12 flowers all blooming. The picture here does not do it justice. All I hope now is ,that I still will get some flowers in the winter. Today another oldy. Grandma has 5 children and she promised a quilt for each of them. Since Laurence is the oldest, she started with us. But since I had done some piecing and that is not what she is interested in, she told me, that she would get the fabric, but that I could do the piecing with her help. Now I had done some piecing and with her help the center went together nicely. Then the border. After ripping it out again and again I realized, that if you are told to make a 1/4 inch seam, that's what you have to do. Once I had that in my brain, it was clear sailing. I marked the quilt and then grandma took over with her magic. She is one of the best hand quilters I know. A few years after grandpa and grandma build the house at the corner of the farm,they build on a sun room. It was here that grandma would do her quilting while grandpa would read the paper. and it was here, that our kids would play under the quilt. They loved to across the field for a visit. Now let's hope Blogger will cooperate this time.
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