Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More posies

This is a brand new wall hanging. Last fall I was asked for a short workshop up in Grey County and we came up with the idea of making some 3d flowers using shaded wired ribbon. I taught how to make the rose, pansy and lily-in-the-valley and included a pattern ,that could be used to make a small quilt. I still had the pattern and the flowers and that's as far as it got. Till a few weeks ago. I was looking for a small project and this was it. The oval was done with reverse applique. Next came the leaves and stems, followed the flowers. I always like to set a center of with a small strip in a contrasting color. Here it is a 1 inch wide strip. folded double and sewn on the right side of the center, before I sewed the border on. It is machine quilted. And now that I'm looking at my old quilts I realize, that my memory is not as good as I thought it was. Most of my quilts do not have a label and to be honest I have forgotten when they were made. I'm doing better and everything finished this year has at the minimum my name and year on the back. I bought the large African panel last year at Quilt Canada in Calgary and the smaller ones this year in London. I do have some African fabrics and a bunch of buttons, but have not yet figured out how to put it all together. It would be something completely different for me to try. Later,after some contemplating! Laurence started to combine the wheat on Tuesday, but it was still too high in moisture. Then we finally got some rain, not as much as the people around us, but with this dry weather every little bit helps. Family will start arriving on Tuesday. Grandma is looking forward to having all her kids and grandkids together for the big event. I have been doing some extra cooking and baking early in the morning to miss the heat. And as of this morning we have a new upright freezer! After cleaning out the chestfreezer a few weeks ago we decided that we are getting too old for that job and needed a change. I store most of my quilts on one of the spare beds. Now with all the family coming they will have to be put away for a while. My plan is to take pictures of the older ones before they are put away, at least if the weather cooperates and I can find some help. Posted by Picasa

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