Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ribbon flowers

Heart with 3d flowers. This is a real oldy from about 2000. I never did put a label on the back and at that time I thought I would remember the when and were. Now I realize with about 60 to 70 quilts plus around, that it is not quite that easy. This quilt is made with scraps of shaded wired ribbon. The pansies and rose at the bottom are made with 1/2 inch wide ribbon and the fuschia's with different widths. I had just finished my Baltimore Album quilt and had put the left-overs of the ribbon in a small bag. Once full it was time to make something and this was the result. The center is a small piece of kitchen curtain I had found. The leaves are hand appliqued, but it is machine quilted, one of my first attempts. I have al ways liked to work with this wired ribbon. The colors are very bright and with the wire in the ribbon you can get a flower very fast. Lately I have not used it quite as much, but I'm still making flowers to put on my cards. That with a background of selvages gives a nice look. My newest piece. I did not get much done over the last few weeks. My arms and shoulders bugged me and I took a short break. But now I'm at it again, but very slowly. This is another small kimono with selvages and a small sashiko piece. There is one more in the works and that will be it. For this piece I used some of my Japanese selvages. We have been busy around here. 4 weeks from tomorrow will be Laurence's mother's 90th birthday and all his sisters and brother and their families will come home. It will be a very full house. I want the place to look nice and I have been spending a lot of time in my flower beds. By now even the mulching is done. 2 things I worried about, cleaning out the freezer and the mulching and both have been done ahead of schedule. Laurence decided one day to help me with the freezer and whatever you have planned for the day, forget about it. You know, that this help will be a one time deal! We did decide after, that it might be time to get an upright one. But all the work will be worth it. Grandma has not seen all her kids together in five years and is looking forward to every minute of it.
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