Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What to do ,when the creative well has dried up? Get out the box of selvages and start making post cards. Most of my fabric is neatly folded in boxes, but I like my selvages all together in a big mess. Then when I need some, I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt. I have collected selvages for quite a few years and now I'm getting more from friends. Next came the box with workshop samples. Each time I teach a workshop, where we make flowers out of wired ribbon, I come home with more samples. These also go in a box. And this box is also overflowing.These 3 cards are the result. I use WonderUnder to put it all together, plus some machine work. Come to think of it, I wonder if there are blue pansies. But that was the only color I had 3 of. Next up was the making of a Christmas Card. Yes, you read it right, a Christmas card. Each year I make 10 to 12 cards. I have done this for years and I have never kept one for myself. After all these years it is harder to come up with a new idea, so when something popped up in my mind, I decided to try it out right away. It has to be doable in not too much time. I had all I needed on hand and managed to make one in the time I allowed myself. Now the finished card and supplies are in a box and will be used on a rainy day. Last year I made cards with a kimono ( to let everybody know how happy I was to go to Japand in January) And I did not keep a card. This small kimono was left over from my last project, see last week, and I made myself this card. This one I will keep! It is too large to send away anyway. We have had a busy week. Last Thursday we picked Shawn and Emily up at the airport. They came to Ontario for the very sudden funeral of Emily's best friend's father. The visitation was on the farm and afterwards we drove up north to near Algonquin Park to stay a few days with friends. We have done this for years and always had good weather. This time I can describe it in 2 words: IT RAINED!
Most of our plans included being outside and had to be changed. We did manage to walk a short trail ,that was just completed. And when we came home on Monday afternoon we discovered , that not one drop of rain had fallen here at home.Next time it will be winter camping in the bush, at least if I can convince Laurence.
On our way home I stopped at the quilt store in Cookstown and found one more piece of corn fabric. I will need a few more, before I can start on my "corn" quilt.Posted by Picasa

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