Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Older yet

Last Friday we went to the Waterloo County Steam Threshers Reunion. It was close to us and since it was a beautiful day with not too many urgent tasks at hand we decided to go later in the afternoon. A few weeks ago I showed you the old tractors and threshing machines. Here we had 2 steam engines, more than a 100 years old. Both were working.It took a few guys to keep them running with all the wood and water , that was needed. The front one was hooked to a threshing machine. But that was not all. There were lots of old tractors of all colors Inside the big tent I found these Old Order Mennonite ladies quilting. This quilt had pictures of grey tractors on it and would be sold next year. This year's quilt had blue tractors on it and was sold at the end of the auction. It sold for $400 After a tour of all the machinery it was time to eat and eating we did. Not all was healthy, but it tasted great. Early in the evening there was an auction of donated articles and Hubby came home with another J.D toy to add to his collection. All the proceeds of this Reunion will go to the Mennonite Central Committee and the Gospel Echo Prison Ministry. Later in the evening there was a concert by the Gospel Echo group and other local groups, followed by a corn roast. While sitting on the bleachers I saw these girls in their pretty dresses. They are what we call Mexican Mennonites. This group of Mennonites moved early in the last century from Manitoba to Mexico. But since conditions there are very poor they have been coming back to Canada, mostly to Ontario. The women and girls are very recognizable by the bright floral dresses both are wearing. And if you look very close you can see all the pleats. The whole skirt is pleated. I do not know, how it is done, but I was told once that they make the pleats and then put the skirt part in the oven to bake. Never could find out if that is true. These girls were not very interested in the auction, so it did not take long for dad to take them somewhere else. In the spring I saw a beautiful butterfly. I asked Laurence to keep it on the flower, while I got my camera. Well, no luck. He let it fly away. But this week I had more luck. I saw this butterfly on one of my dahlia's and ran in the house to get my camera. And it was still there when I came back. Just this one picture, that's all the time I had. As I said last week. If I have nothing quiltery going on, I start making cards and that did the trick again. I'm working on something new, but have not enough finished to show just yet. Next week I should have something to show.
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