Thursday, September 09, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Last week it was hot and very dry here. Both the corn and soybeans have stopped growing. The white beans were ready to combine, but the pods were almost too dry and would shatter before coming close to the combine. A little rain would help. Well, we got the "little rain" and then some. It has turned cold and rainy. We only managed to combine for part of an afternoon. And now it is wishing for some more sunshine. This is the project I'm working on. Each block has a different hitomezashi ( or one stitch) sashiko design. In this one you can see how an extra row of stitches changes the whole design. It is a lot of fun and it takes a lot of thread. I'm using the "Ultimate Sashiko Source Book" by Susan Briscoe. The flowered fabric a got a while back from Michelle at Kallisti Quilts and it works very well. It has the same design, but in different colors.For the border I'm planning a narrow strip of sashiko with a narrow strip of the patterned fabric on each side. Then a piec of the dark blue. In the corners I will use a different kind of sashiko design. The center of the pieced blocks looked a little dull.Then I remembered that on one of our trips to the Mandarin Restaurant during the Chinese New Year, we each got a big coin. I rummaged through my beads/coins and found 6 of them. Not enough. Yesterday I phoned the restaurant in Kitchener and told them about my project. I was told to come in next time I'm in town and I can get all I need. How about that!Then the next step will be to find a way to attach them to the fabric, but I'm not at that stage yet. In a few days my itinerary will be updated. I will let you know, when that happens. One of the workshops will be here at my house and there are a few spaces left. What: Sashiko for beginners (kit will be supplied) When Saturday, September 25 from 9.30 to 3.30 Where: at my house near Moorefield Interested? You can email me at The next step will be to update my quilts on my blog. While sorting through my quilts I discovered that I could not find a picture of my bird quilt. With the help of dear hubby I took a few new pictures. Here is a close-up of the bluejay. For some reason I liked that bird, maybe because it was hard to get the coloring right?
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  1. Oh how I wish I lived wwithin driving distance, I would love your class.