Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More farming stuff, just once more

Our wheat harvest was done on Friday afternoon and that made it possible for us to go to the yearly meeting of the "other" antique John Deere" group on the province on Saturday. Here they have some of the machinery working, what really appeals to Laurence. He knew, that there would be a few old combines at work. After some last minutes repairs the 7 combines were all in the field. While I was asked to take some pictures Laurence took a ride on the second combine. With the clouds in the sky and the sunny weather it made for some good picture weather. I was quite impressed with the line-up of these combines, till the next morning. Laurence told me, that I should see what he had found on the Internet. Now that was impressive! The previous day 200 combines harvested wheat, all at the same time, to set a new Guiness Book Record. It happened near Winkler, Manitoba and you can see them in action and learn more about the charity it is for at And yes, it is very impressive. If we would have been closer Laurence would have gone, even if he had to drive a few hours. On Sunday evening we went to the Dettweiler Meeting House. This is the oldest, stone church in Waterloo County. It was build in 1855 and has been restored as it was in that era. The small part in the back was added and has washrooms. There is only hydro in that part. Once you go inside, it is as if you were back in the 1800's. Benches all around an old wood stove. At that time the women would sit on one side, the men on the other. The wooden planks coming down from the ceiling have knobs on which to hang your hat. Maybe you have noticed the keyboard on the left. There is no hydro in this part (notice also the lack of light fixtures ) There seem to be a few outlets behind the pulpit. And there is no air conditioning, something we could have used that evening. Even with all the windows wide open it stayed very warm and humid. But the singing was great! I'm almost finished with the quilting on a piece and I hope to have it completely done by next week. This here is an upcoming project. The seedbag Laurence found at an antique mall in Ohio. What was interesting for us was, that the previous night we had stayed at a b and b ,where we saw the same bag. The hostess was the grand daughter of the Yoder, who owned this company. Laurence's orders for me are, that I cannot cut the bag up in pieces. On the right are a few pieces of feed sack fabric. In front are logo's I have cut of Laurence's hats over the years. Right now you cannot do that anymore, because the logo's are embroidered right on the hat. How it will all go together, I have no clue, but I will come up with something.
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    Thanks for referencing! It's too bad you couldn't be there to witness such a great event.