Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finially finished

Nothing like being a little on the late side! For our guild show last year the challenge was to make a small wall hanging using a synonym. I came up with this idea, but found out that it was not really a synonym, more of a saying. I put it away and made another quilt. But I never like to leave things unfinished, so a few weeks ago, with nothing better to do, I picked it up again. There are 4 small, folded kimono's in the center. The saying is as follows: something old (top left, made with a piece of vintage Japanese fabric) something new (top right, made out of fabric I just bought) something borrowed ( bottom left, this is the first folded kimono I saw. I received it from my friend Janet from England years ago and I have borrowed it for this quilt) something blue ( bottom right, made out of a blue oriental fabric) The circles are out of a old piece of oriental fabric appliqued on the blue background. The sashiko designs are done by hand. The quilt is machine quilted. And this time I even put a label on the back right away. Most of my quilts still do not have a label, but I promised myself to do better in the future. For years I have tried to grow dahlia's and most of the time they do not get very big and are full of bugs and holes. My aim was always to get one that is dinner plate size. And this year I managed that. The white one in the center is as big as a , smaller size, dinner plate. This afternoon I will cut some of these to take to my mother-in-law. She loves flowers and used to grow all kinds. Now that she is in a retirement home she really misses that. The next best thing is to bring her flowers from my garden.
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