Monday, July 26, 2010


Last week at the Amish auction, there were a few acres of old, mostly horse drawn equipment for sale, including these big machines. Can you guess, what they are? Yesterday it came all back to me. It was the yearly Antique John Deere tractor show in Drayton and while we were there one of there threshing machine was in action and I remember how noisy, dirty and dusty it used to be. When we took over from Laurence's father there was one of these old machines up in the barn. I grew up on a dairy farm in Holland, but since we only grew hay I had never been involved with the grain harvest. I was about to get educated. A few weeks after we took over, this machine came out of the barn and was put on the barn hill. The tractor was hooked up with a long belt and this belt turned all the parts in the machine. The long spout blew the straw back to the straw shed and the auger delivered the grain to the grain bin. It was hot and dusty and it took a lot of know-how to keep it all running.After a few years we sold the treshing machine and bought a small combine. This was much better and since then each combine has been bigger and faster and with a.c! We had rain again on Friday and Saturday and Laurence was sure, that the grain was still too wet to start this year's harvest today. But one of our neighbours showed up with a sample and he wanted him to come over right away. 5 minutes later he was gone and he is still combining. The weather for the coming days looks promising, except for Wednesday. With any luck the showers will miss us. I have been busy making apple sauce. We have a large harvest apple tree on the farm. Every other year there is an abundance of apples. This was the off year, but there was enough for everybody. These are the jars, the rest went in the freezer. It looks like a lot, but come next year ,it's all gone. The border has been sewn down on the quilt and I'm in the process of sewing the lace on both sides. I can see the end nearing and it is getting time. I'm just getting slightly tired of the whole thing.
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