Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another busy week

It started on Thursday evening with the Listowel Fair parade. We like to go and watch, since it is a good size parade for the size of town. But this year the weather would not co-operate. Right in the middle of the parade it started to rain, then to pour. But the parade went on! Friday after noon Laurence decided, that we had not seen a play at the Theatre in Blyth and since there were still tickets available we spend an enjoyable evening at the theatre. This brings us to Saturday, the day of the Amish Parochial School Auction. I love going to this sale and each year it is bigger and better. The money raised will be used for their schools. Each year it is on a different farm. This year it was not as close as we are used to, so it took some time to find the place. But once you are close you cannot miss it. It is a good place to meet friends and neighbours. First thing we got was our bidding number. Just to show you how busy it was, we were there by 9 o'clock and we were number 1590.After that Laurence and I split, since we are not interested in the same things. I looked in a few of the tents and watched the local Bernina dealer, quite conservative , trying to sell one of the latest and most expensive embroidery machines to the lady on the right. There was quite a conversation going on. I did not stay around long enough to find out if she made the sale. Next stop was the "Baked Goods" tent. Besides all kind of baking and home made donuts there were hundreds of pies. It was not uncommon to see people walk away with 6,8 or more pies. I guess they freeze alright. It was getting time to walk over to the quilt tent. The first few years, the quilts were sold right outside on a hay wagon, but the last few years there has been a tent. The hay wagon is still there.This year there were 120 quilts, from crib size to king size. This quilt was one of my favorites and brought $700. Most of the quilts are consigned, but at the end of the sale there are quilts that have been donated by the different school districts. The top went for about $700 to $800, but most large quilts sold in the $350 to $500 range. I would have loved to get one, but either the colors or the design did not work for me. I did not last the whole sale. I have never been that hot!. There was a breeze, but only outside. After a lunch of a hamburger, pie and icecream ( you don't think of nutrition) it was time to watch the horse sale. This year there were about 200 horses and ponies. When I came closer I saw this black horse's head, what looked to me like a Frisian. But since there are only a few hunded in the whole country, that was very unlikely. But no, it was a FRISIAN! It was a 5 year old stallion by the name of Piper. He was not there to be sold, but just for show. Later I talked to the owner, who had bought him not that long ago and hoped to use him for breeding purposes. Seeing that horse made my day! By that time Laurence had more than enough and he wanted to go home. That evening he went to the tracor pull in Listowel . I stayed home with the excuse that I had to get food ready for our yearly Sunday School Picnic the next day. You see all these activities and some more beside, took care of most of the week. At times I feel like we are in the tropics right now. The weather is hot and it seems that every few days we have rain or a thunder storm. Laurence is more than ready to start combining the wheat, but it has not been possible. I have a few more pictures, but for some reason I can only upload 4 at a time. The rest will come in a few days.
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