Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pieces of the puzzle

Finally I'm back in the garden. Even pulling weeds feels good. And there are a lot of weeds. I try to take my time and slowly do a little more each day. The flower beds in front of the house look good with lots color. Around the house there are a few empty spots. Today I bought enough plants to fill those spots with some new perennials. The Zehrs store in town is closing its garden center in a few days, so everything was 50% off. I love taking pictures of flowers and bugs. Just now missed out on a butterfly. I was on the phone and by the time I was done, the butterfly had taken off. Another 14 seam treatments and they are all done. It is hard to come up with something new, so there will be a few repeats in there. At the bottom I want to put this picture of my parents in their Frisian costume.I have a few more pictures I can use, but that will depend on how it all comes together. To finish I needed a background for the border. I wanted black velvet, but had no idea where to get some. Friend Elizabeth to the rescue. She mentioned a good quality velvet by the name of DeBall. I had to do some searching, but found out, that it is used in Scottish costumes. So a call to friend Judy, who is involved with a Scottish festival. From her I got an address in Hamilton. I was lucky. They had some in lay-away, but could spare me one metre. Two days later it was delivered. Now to the lace Next week I will show how I want to put it all together, but I would need at least 10 meters of lace, 1/2 inch wide and preferable old. Here friend Lois came to the rescue. When I told her what I'm looking for she mentioned, that she and her husband were going to Northern Michigan for a few days. They love to go hunting for antiques, so she would keep an eye out for lace. A few days later I got a call. She had found an antique store, that specializes in laces. There she found this card with over 15 meters, never used. It was still on the card. When new it had sold for 10ct a yard. That was the last piece of the puzzle! I figure that by the end of the week the seams are finished and I can start to put some flowers or charms on the block with empty space. It well certainly is nice to have good friends!
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  1. I love to use lace in my art quilts. I made a trip to Portugal awhile back, and they're known for their beautiful linens and lace. I could use a friend like Lois.