Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Heat wave

The last few days have been hot,hot,hot. But I was told it is good growing weather. Laurence has this saying of " corn knee-high by the first of July" If the corn is that high it usually means, that we get a crop. The first picture was taken mid June. We have had a lot of rain ,way to much really, during June, but that small field beside the house did well, as you can see. It is knee high. Now let's go to the next picture. That one is taken on July first. You can barely see Laurence 's head behind the corn stalks. And no, I did not sit down on the job.It was taken straight from the edge of the field. Now I have to admit, that not all of our corn is this tall. And our white beans and soybeans have a tougher time. The wheat is coming on fast. Laurence is all in a panic and he has the combine all apart for " preventive maintenance". Last week was a week I rather forget. I found out, that if you are told to take it easy after surgery, you better listen. I seem to have a hard time doing that ,so I had to slow down again. Besides that I had a nasty intestinal bug. Between the two of them I rather forget the week. But I'm on the mend and back to some applique. This morning I gave myself 5 minutes in the garden, pulling some weeds. So far so good. Despite my lack of care the flowers are doing well. My pots look colorfull and seem to be doing well, as long as they get some water in time. I'm lucky to have a hose long enough to get most watering done. I'm still plodding away with my crazy patches. By now 2/3 of the border has been covered. I even managed to get 16 yards of lace for the border. Or not me, a friend ,who loves to go to antique stores found it for me in Northen Michigan. Can't pick it up just yet, since she is on holidays. So it seems that I have everything to pull it all together. All it will take from now is time. And with this weather it is no hardship to sit in a cool room.
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  1. Janet9:07 AM

    I love the pictures of Laurence in the corn. Very descriptive and very funny.

  2. Your border is exquisite