Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calgary, here I come

Tomorrow it will be blast-of time. First I will go to Shawn and Emily in Olds for a few days , then to my sister-in-law Anne in Calgary and she will drop me of at Quilt Canada on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon there will be the annual meeting and that evening the official opening of the show. Then I will be teaching from Wednesday till Saturday and on Sunday I come this way again. All my teaching things are packed , now it is a trip to town to make sure, that there is enough here at home for hubby to eat. His aim was to get all the corn planted before I had to leave and he will accomplish that today. Most years we would not have started even. But everything is growing, including these daffodils. This small wallhanging I made a few years ago, using some of my dyed fabrics. It is fused and machine quilted. The crazy patch block is finally finished. Once I decided it had to be done , it did not take that much work. This is number 3, the last one will have to wait till this fall. Then it will be on to the border. As soon as the block was done I cleaned up the room and now I can find most things again. It also means ,that there is nothing on my design wall to be done. I did find some small pieces of vintage Japanese fabric and decided to use them to make a few simple cards. I always seem to need more and even those small scraps are too precious to throw away. But not even one scrap is left over. Yesterday was a very busy day, first with farm stuff and then later a trip to Waterloo. It was our monthly guild meeting and as a guest we had Sylvia Naylor, a fibre artist from Cambridge ( Her thread painting is fantastic. I have tried it on a small basis, so I know how much work it is, but to do it on a much larger scale, is incredible. Before I would give it a try, I would have to invest in threads and more threads in all kinds of colors and varieties. I did bring my sewing machine to the dealer to get serviced. I have done a lot, at least for me, of machine work lately and this way the machine will be all tuned up for my next project.
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  1. So Beautiful Calgary dear
    i admire you for your Clothes and mat Calgary it is really appreciable.