Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It is official...spring has started

For Laurence spring starts when the first corn goes in the ground. And this is the day. After lunch he started the first field, almost 2 weeks earlier than ever before. But the ground is ready. We have some rented fields, that have no tile drainage and they can be very hard to get planted, so whenever it is dry, you better be out there and get the job done. This also means that our busy time has started. Out in the flowerbed, the daffodils are blooming. What you cannot see is the lack of crocusses ( see a few weeks ago). Still makes me mad. I have not seen a squirel since. Last year I noticed these small violas. They had taken over the flowerbed and I had a heck of a job to pull most of them out. What I did not realize is, that they will bloom from early spring till the first frost. Now I will keep patches of these flowers around, since they brighten up the whole bed. I just have to make sure to pull the extra's. This last week-end Shawn and Emily came to Ontario. All kinds of activities were planned for the upcoming wedding of Emily's sister. They did come over here on Sunday afternoon and all of us went to see Jeanette and Tony. We had a good visit. I noticed her 2 orchids, a white and a yellow one, in full bloom. Now she barely waters them and forget about fertilizer, but still she is getting these beautiful sprays of flowers. It used to make me jealous.Finally I have one. This orchid was left on the farm when we moved 11/2 years ago. There is sat on the counter in the cold house with no water for over a month. When we had people move in, I took it along home, since it had been my first orchid. All this time it was in a back corner of the office and to my surprise it got a flower spike and look at it now!!! Shows you to never give up and maybe I should back of with the watering and fertilizer. Last Thursday evening I gave a trunk show for the London Friendship Quilters Guild. The next day I did a workshop. They took a lot of pictures and if you like to see me in action you can go to Not much quilting has been going on. In just over 1 week I will be leaving for Calgary and my time was spend getting everything ready. As of now the kits are organized and the patterns done.I'm getting close with the crazy patch block, but no sigar yet. Only 3 more patches to embroider, but my mind is black right now, so I put it away for a few days. Wait for some new inspiration.
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